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Digital Telecommunication System in the X-Ray Range

How would you like to have the possibility to have instant access to anything on the internet in less than a nanosecond?

How would you like for the colonies on Mars to have internet access to billions of Terrabytes of data per second using UDP connection, when the time comes to create a permanent Mars colony?

How would you like to have a constant satellite based global internet service that outperforms every communication system ever made in the history of the human race, both in speed and reliability, even keeping a stable operation during solar storms?

The technology exists! There is an invention of mine, that has been developed as an idea a decade ago, and filed as a patent in 2011. It is entitled Digital "Telecommunication System in the X-Ray Range" capable of transforming our entire global communication infrastructure as we all know it. Digital speeds range up to 10 at a factor of 18 bits per second. This is trillions of times faster than the fastest fiber optic that has been developed to this date, and if even more upgrades are made, it can even surpass this speed further, thousands of times.

For more details about it, follow the European Patent Office Link:
Digital Telecommunication System in the X-Ray Range

If even more interest is stirred by this idea, please feel free to contact me!

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