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Mihaela-Felicia Szocs

Mihaela-Felicia Szocs

Software Engineer
Dudeşti, Municipiul Bucureşti


Despre Mihaela-Felicia Szocs:

Hello! My name is Szocs Mihaela Felicia, and, as I mentioned above, I'm a student at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, which is part of Politehnica University of Bucharest. Here, I am in the second year of studies for the Bachelor's Degree. I can tell about myself that I'm a sociable person, I love meeting new people and, moreover, the most important thing about me is that I like to learn a lot of new things, to evolve constantly. My curiosity brought me in developing a lot of skills in programming such as : C/C++, Assembly, Linux OS, Bash Scripting, Networking, Object Oriented Programming-Java.


Homework during Bachelor Degree

1.I developed a 3D game using OpenGL.
During this time, I worked with basic
linear algebra (especially matrix
manipulation and vectors) to manipulate 
positions and points, learned how the GPU
works and how to program a SIMD architecture 
efficiently to achieve massive computing power
and understood the underlying principles of
the graphic process a point/fragment goes 
through in order to be displayed on screen.

2.During this project, I have worked first hand
with OOP principles such as abstraction, 
polymorphism and encapsulation and applied 
them to create a maintainable and scalable 
application that handle MySQL like requests
on a local database. I learned to use 
Design Patterns to adapt to a general coding
style and solve problems in a certain orderly 
manner and query a MySQL database by hand, 
thus getting a deeper understanding in the 
underlying work of the process.

3.In this project, I had to develop
an application to handle a Netflix
like functionality (add shows, watch, history etc).
I learned the basic block of complex 
programming (eg data structures) such as queues,
stacks and linked lists, how to implement them by hand 
and how to efficiently use them in the right way 
to avoid redundance and high complexity.


Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti, Automatica si calculatoare- Calculatoare si tehnologia informatiei

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